How to Freeze Your Credit

To take an active stand against identity theft, we would strongly encourage you to freeze your credit with each bureau listed below. There was a very clear article published walking you through the step-by-step process of this on the Clark Howard website.

Please use the links below to access the three credit bureau to freeze your credit:

This process will take you roughly 5 minutes to register and setup your pin on each site and freeze your credit. Be sure to save your pin in a safe place as you’ll need it to put a temporary lift or thaw on the freeze, in case you are applying for credit card, a loan, or running a background check for employment.

When you want to prevent access to your Equifax credit report for the purposes of opening credit in your name.

A security freeze, often known as a credit freeze, limits access to your Experian credit report—helping protect you against identity theft.

When you use a credit freeze, you’re in control of who can access your credit information and when.

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