Digital Thieves Are Hacking Brokerage Accounts: Is Your Money Safe? 

Charlie Wells, Annie Massa, & Sophie Alexander | Bloomberg | Oct 13th, 2020
Category: Education

Some Robinhood customers say their money was looted, suggesting online stock trading may be less secure than investors hoped. It feels as easy as it does safe.

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The Home Buyer's Dilemma: As Mortgage Rates Fall, House Prices Soar out of Reach 

Aly J. Yale | Money | Oct 13th, 2020
Category: Financial News

Kyle and Sara Sutton have been “looking aggressively” for a three- or four-bedroom, two-bath home in Grand Rapids, Mich. since April. Though they’ve

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PPP Loan Forgiveness: 5 Important Questions About Applications, Automatic Approvals, and Additional Relief 

Julia Glum | Money | Oct 6th, 2020
Category: Education

When the government announced the Paycheck Protection Program earlier this year, it said that pandemic-stricken business owners wouldn’t have to pay back funds

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An Early Withdrawal From Your 401(k): Understanding the Tax Consequences 

The Street | Oct 6th, 2020
Category: Education

If you're considering cashing out or taking a loan on your 401(k), here's a few things to know about the possible impacts on your taxes of an early withdrawal. If

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$104,400 is the average 401(k) balance, after market recovery. How does yours compare? 

Christy Bieber | USA Today | Sep 7th, 2020
Category: Education

401(k) accounts are a popular retirement plan because they provide generous tax breaks, they're easy to invest in, and many employers offer them. If you've

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