Crypto crisis continues. Here’s the latest on the FTX collapse 

Diksha Madhok | CNN Business | Nov 14th, 2022
Category: Financial News

Aftershocks from the massive earthquake in the trillion-dollar crypto industry last week continued to reverberate on Monday. Prices of digital currencies fell

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Student debt relief blocked, potentially hurting Black and Latino families the most 

Marc Ramirez | USA TODAY | Nov 15th, 2022
Category: Education

About 26 million people had already applied for relief, hoping to end years of student loan repayments. Such debt disproportionately affects people of color,

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Archvest Advantage Q3 2022 Newsletter 

Archvest Wealth Advisors | Nov 6th, 2022
Category: Archvest Newsletters

Market Update 2022 has been an odd year. Both stocks and bonds are negative year to date. Since 2000, the correlation between US equities and US Treasuries has

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Why does the Fed raise interest rates? And how do those hikes slow inflation? 

Orlando Mayorquin | USA TODAY | Jul 25th, 2022
Category: Education

Higher interest rates make borrowing more expensive for shoppers and companies, cooling demand with the aim of curbing inflation. The Fed has raised rates five

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Home prices are falling faster now than in 2006—Redfin’s CEO just revealed why 

Lance Lambert | Yahoo Finance | Oct 31st, 2022
Category: Financial News

The Pandemic Housing Boom unleashed an “investor mania” unlike anything seen in the U.S. housing market since the aughts housing bubble. Average Joes

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