Who has to file a tax return: It's not necessary for everyone. Here are the rules. 

Medora Lee | USA TODAY | Feb 6th, 2023
Category: Education

Not everyone is required to file taxes, but most Americans are and likely will file taxes. Of the 176.2 million individuals and married couples who could file

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Archvest Advantage Q4 2022 Newsletter 

Archvest Wealth Advisors | Jan 2nd, 2023
Category: Archvest Newsletters

2022 Recap 2022 was a rough year for asset classes across the board. US equities as measured by the S&P 500 ended the year -18.1% and international equities

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Vanguard Predicts Stock Returns — You're Not Going To Like Them 

Matt Krantz | Investor's Business Daily | Jan 25th, 2023
Category: Financial News

Vanguard investors are famous for staying invested — and accepting the market's and S&P 500's long-term returns. But if Vanguard's predictions

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Stranded college savings plan can soon be rescued. New law lets 529 dollars roll into retirement 

Medora Lee | USA TODAY | Jan 11th, 2023
Category: Education

Kids change their minds a lot, so it’s understandable parents might be nervous to lock away money in a college savings plan. After all, what if your child

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As job switchers chase higher wages, they may be leaving money behind. Here's what to know 

Medora Lee | USA TODAY | Jan 5th, 2023
Category: Financial News

During the pandemic, record numbers of people changed jobs. That heightens the risk that millions of people forgot to bring their retirement savings with them. The

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