Robinhood's 'infinite money' glitch shows the dangers of turning investing into a game, expert says 

Theron Mohamed | Markets Insider | Nov 13th, 2019
Category: Education

Robinhood's "infinite money" glitch — which enabled premium users to borrow seemingly endless amounts of cash and turn thousand-dollar deposits

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Gen X Could Learn a Lot About Saving for Retirement From Millennials 

Kaitlin Mulhere | Yahoo Finance | Nov 11th, 2019
Category: Education

Millennials are nearly as likely as their older co-workers to be regularly saving for retirement, a new survey has found. A solid 45% of millennial workers said

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Expert: Gen X needs ‘11 times more’ in savings for secure retirement 

Dhara Singh | Yahoo Money | Nov 4th, 2019
Category: Education

Americans are “somewhat challenged” in having a secure retirement, one expert said recently on Yahoo Finance. “There’s a big mismatch

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The Millennial Urban Lifestyle Is About to Get More Expensive 

Derek Thompson | The Atlantic | Oct 15th, 2019
Category: Financial News

As WeWork crashes and Uber bleeds cash, the consumer-tech gold rush may be coming to an end. Several weeks ago, I met up with a friend in New York who suggested

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Archvest Advantage Q3 2019 Newsletter 

Archvest Wealth Advisors | Oct 29th, 2019
Category: Archvest in the News

Market Review The third quarter was entirely driven by three main factors: interest rates, Brexit, and trade. The Federal Reserve cut rates twice during the

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