Ponzi schemes hit highest level in a decade, hinting next ‘investor massacre’ may be near 

Greg Iacurci | CNBC | Feb 11th, 2020
Category: Financial News

Authorities uncovered 60 alleged Ponzi schemes last year with a total $3.25 billion in investor funds — the highest amount  since around the time of

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Four Stock Charts Show How Gruesome the Market Got This Week 

Vildana Hajric & Luke Kawa | Bloomberg | Feb 25th, 2020
Category: Financial News

S&P sees fastest four-day drop in its history following record ​U.S. equity benchmark down more than 7% in past four days Stocks are bouncing back

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Archvest Advantage Q4 2019 Newsletter 

Archvest Wealth Advisors | Feb 7th, 2020
Category: Archvest Newsletters

Market Review Much to the surprise of all, the markets set lofty new highs in 2019. As we entered 2019, analysts and commentators had a consensus that the economy

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What Is Capital Gains Tax and When Are You Exempt? 

Steve Fiorillo | The Street | Feb 4th, 2020
Category: Education

As tax season approaches, you're going to need to compile all the information about your finances that you possibly can. Your yearly income isn't the only

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Taxes 2020: These two groups of taxpayers face the highest audit rates 

Aimee Picchi | USA Today | Jan 31st, 2020
Category: Financial News

Taxes are one of life’s certainties, but getting audited by the IRS is increasingly less certain these days. In fact, an audit is about half as likely as it

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