5 ways financial planners can help freelancers and creatives build wealth 

Jackie Lam | Business Insider | Sep 4th, 2019
Category: Education

Freelancing creatives and artists have a bad rap when it comes to money.

Many of them shun it, avoid dealing with it, or aren't sure how to make more of it. As I'm working toward being a financial coach to help creative freelancers and artists, I've found that many creatives such as myself aren't necessarily "bad with money." They might feel overwhelmed or confused about how to best manage their finances. What's more, they face challenges that, say, wage earners don't.

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A golfer wouldn't play a course with just one club in his bag. In the same way, asset classes help you diversify and optimize your portfolio.

Think of us as your personal quarterback to help you navigate and mitigate the blindsides of life.

A great chef tastes as he cooks for the best result. A great financial planner checks in to make sure you're on course and adjusts along the way for the best result.