Trump's threatened tariff hike to 25% on Chinese goods would hurt consumers, the economy 

Paul Davidson | USA TODAY | May 7th, 2019
Category: Financial News

The Trump administration’s 10% tariff on $200 billion in Chinese imports has been a nuisance, with many U.S. businesses absorbing the cost or working

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Archvest Advantage Q1 2019 Newsletter 

Eric Lai, John Wenzel, & Jill Shibuya | Archvest Wealth Advisors | May 1st, 2019
Category: Archvest in the News

Market Review What a difference three month makes. The headlines have completely flipped from the doom and gloom of Q4 to “Best Three-Month Start Since

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Millennials still lean on parents for money but want financial independence, survey says 

Janna Herron | USA TODAY | Apr 18th, 2019
Category: Financial News

Most millennials define adulthood as being on their own financially, but the majority still depend on Mom and Dad for money, even in into 30s, according to a new

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Did Capitalism Kill Inflation? 

Peter Coy | Bloomberg | Apr 17th, 2019
Category: Education

If economics were literature, the story of what happened to inflation would be a gripping whodunit. Did inflation perish of natural causes—a weak economy,

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The independence of central banks is under threat from politics 

The Economist | Apr 13th, 2019
Category: Financial News

Critics of economics like to say that its abstract theories lack real-world pay-offs. There is a glaring counter-example: the global rise of central-bank independence

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