For Small Businesses, Getting a PPP Loan Is Hard. Using It Is Even Trickier 

Kristen Bahler | | May 5th, 2020
Category: Financial News

For small business owners, the federal government’s Paycheck Protection Program has been a nightmare to navigate since the day it launched. These employers—who

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Archvest Advantage Q1 2020 Newsletter 

Archvest Wealth Advisors | Apr 27th, 2020
Category: Archvest Newsletters

The Historical Ride of the Market We have survived the first quarter. This is indeed one for the record books (both on the up and downside). From the market peak

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Do I qualify for coronavirus relief? Struggling borrowers must contact lenders for forbearance or deferment options 

Jessica Menton | USA TODAY | Apr 13th, 2020
Category: Education

Struggling borrowers typically must make the first move to receive help from their lenders if they’re suffering financial hardship from the coronavirus pandemic,

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Negative Oil Prices, the Vix, and the Risk of Trading ETFs You Don’t Understand 

Randall W. Forsyth | Barrons | Apr 22nd, 2020
Category: Financial News

The financial world has been turned upside down by extraordinary events in recent years. First, there were negative interest rates, something that had never happened

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How coronavirus almost brought down the global financial system 

Adam Tooze | The Guardian | Apr 14th, 2020
Category: Financial News

In the third week of March, while most of our minds were fixed on surging coronavirus death rates and the apocalyptic scenes in hospital wards, global financial

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