College will cost scary amount in the future. Got a (529) plan to pay for it?

One in four seniors graduating from college feel unprepared to enter the job market, according to a new Study conducted by OnePoll on behalf of GoDaddy.

Think college is expensive now? Then new parents will probably want to take a seat for this news.

In 2036, just 18 years from now, four years at a private university will be around $303,000, up from $167,000 today.

To get a degree at a public university you'll need about $184,000, compared with $101,000 now.

These forecasts were provided by Wealthfront, an automated investment platform that offers college saving options. It uses Department of Education data on the current cost of schools along with expected annual inflation to come up with its projections.

Here are the estimated changes in cost over the next 18 years for six well-known schools.

Annie Nova | CNBC

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