Powell Says U.S. Entering Faster Growth, Though Virus Spike Remains a Risk

Catarina Saraiva & Craig Torres | Bloomberg | Apr 14th, 2021
Category: Financial News

  • Fed enters blackout period at end of week ahead of April FOMC
  • ​U.S. entering period of faster growth; case spike a risk

The Federal Reserve will likely scale back its bond purchases before considering raising interest rates, Chairman Jerome Powell said, hardening expectations on the sequence of its eventual exit from aggressive policy support.

“We will reach the time at which we will taper asset purchases when we’ve made substantial further progress toward our goals from last December, when we announced that guidance,” Powell said Wednesday in a virtual event hosted by the Economic Club of Washington. “That would in all likelihood be before -- well before -- the time we consider raising interest rates. We haven’t voted on that order but that is the sense of the guidance.”

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