Retirement planning isn't just about saving: Here's why you need a distribution strategy

Diane Mtetwa | The Motley Fool | Jan 31st, 2021
Category: Education

You probably think a lot about how much you'll need to save for retirement. But how often do you think about just how you'll use that money when the time comes?

The accumulation phase of retirement planning is crucial, and because it can take decades, it's natural for that to be your focus. But having a distribution plan is a vitally important factor in making sure you don't run out of money. Here are three specific reasons not to overlook it.

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A golfer wouldn't play a course with just one club in his bag. In the same way, asset classes help you diversify and optimize your portfolio.

Think of us as your personal quarterback to help you navigate and mitigate the blindsides of life.

A great chef tastes as he cooks for the best result. A great financial planner checks in to make sure you're on course and adjusts along the way for the best result.