Value stocks post best stretch in 20 years relative to growth stocks — but that’s starting to change. Why?

Since the start of the year, a longstanding trend in U.S. stocks has suddenly reversed: formerly highflying growth stocks have gotten hammered, while “value” names have taken on the mantel of market leaders at a time when stocks are on track for steep annual losses. For years, rock-bottom interest rates and negligible inflation motivated investors to plow money into megacap technology stocks and other high-profile “growth” names.

During this time, the Russell 1000 Value index (RLV) has dramatically outperformed the Russell 1000 Growth Index (RLG) with the value index having fallen by only 13% since the start of the year, compared with a near 26% decline for the Russell 1000 Growth index, according to FactSet data.

Joseph Adinolfi | Yahoo Finance

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