A 401k Plan Checklist When You Change Jobs

So you've made the move and upgraded to a new job, and likely more responsibility and a bigger paycheck. Congratulations — just don't forget about your 401(k) plan. You'll need to make a few retirement savings-boosting moves to ensure your 401(k) still operates in top gear after you've moved to a new employer.

Make no mistake, plenty of Americans will switch jobs this year, a scenario that's trending upward.

According to the payroll processor ADP, approximately 27 percent of employees transitioned into new jobs from the first quarter of 2016 to the first quarter of 2017. That's the highest figure since 2014, ADP reports.

Each one of those employees hopefully took steps to secure their 401(k) plan when they did land at a new job. If not, they're leaving the door open for an underperforming 401(k) down the road.

Brian O’Connell | U.S.News & World Report

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